Document - African Quality Rating Mechanisms

Publié le 22 Fév 2013

Titre : African Quality Rating Mechanisms
Auteur : Olusola Oyewole
Discipline : Assurance qualité

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Description : Revitalization of Higher Education (HE) is one of nine priority areas of focus of the Second Decade of Education for Africa Plan of Action (2006-2015) which thematic priorities include production of knowledge and quality assurance. Quality assurance of higher education institutions is being promoted as part of an initiative aimed at revitalizing higher education and research in Africa. To contribute to quality assurance, the African Union Commission (AUC) is spearheading the development of an African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) which aims to provide an objective measure of the quality of African higher education institutions through institutional self-assessment. The AQRM includes criteria against which institutions can assess their own quality levels. It is designed to assist institutions to benchmark progress in quality development in every area of education provision and research. However, there are some risks that could affect the achievement of the objectives of this initiative. This report is focused on the process, prospects and risks of the African Union Quality Rating Mechanisms.


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